Originally this topic was called ” What`s in my bag” but because I rarely do outdoor photography; I will show you the gear I use the most in my studio. I’m not a fan of fancy photography gear so I think I have only what I really need. 

When talking about main light, I prefer continuous light rather than strobes so having rectangle soft boxes is elemental. Recently I have bought a Yongnuo LED ring light with I found very useful when photographing small pieces such as lego parts. It’s a cool light (5000 k) and doesn’t modify the colors of the subject. Because of its poor  you can get a really nice macro photograph with complete black backgrounds. Also I like to experiment with all kinds of light sources like candles, mini led lamps, led pointers (specially for light painting), tablet monitors, etc.
I have some external flashes, a couple of Yongnuo and a couple of Mcoplus. The difference between them is that Mcoplus are HSS flashes that means the flash and camera can synchronize in high speed (8000/sec) I used them in high speed photography such as water splashes, paint and burst. The Yongnuo is used basically to highlight and as a fill light. I always use Yongnuo TTL transceivers for synchronizing all flashes.
I have two cameras; Nikon D5100 and D810. I feel more comfortable using the D5100 I guess it’s because I have been using it for almost eight years. Now that I’ve been printing big formats I must to use the D810 and leave the D5100  for the experimental photography. I almost forgot; I also use three Nikon lenses for toy photography; macro 40 mm, 35mm and 50mm. 
Other gear that I always use is light reflectors; some are bought but others are DIY projects.  I like to experiment with mirrors, paper boards, aluminum foil, frosted glass panes etc.
As you can see in the photos there`s a toy cabinet in the studio, I thinks it’s the best way to keep at hand toys and props for photography sessions. I must admit that I have a big problem buying and stockpiling items that could help in compositions like aquarium
rocks, geometric wood shapes, mini lamps, marbles, all kind of rubbers, a huge amount of color paper, paints, glass bottles and junk that I consider “interesting”. Usually I shoot Raw and make the necessary adjustment in Photoshop CS6.
Well, I think that pretty much covers everything in my studio.
I hope you all enjoyed the reading!