I want to choose only five figures; my favorite top 5 figures ever. This makes me ask myself something before making this list. Before I started photographing toys I only bought them because I liked them. Now I buy them thinking if they will look good in front of my lens. I don’t know if it matters, but I never thought of it before. Or did I?

Never mind, Let’s make that list!

Number 1

Hot Toys Chewbacca – It’s the best figure ever made by human kind, absolutely. The next step in the action figure business. You have a perfectly scaled Chewbacca in the palm of your hand and you can make him do whatever your imagination allows. There are lots of fantastic Hot Toys figures; you can say that’s better than this or that. You can say they are more difficult to produce due to clothes, head sculpt or accessories, but I insist in the fact that this is the only Hot Toys haired figure that is exactly the same as the original one. Tons of fun here, trust me.

Soon they are releasing a new one with an articulated jaw, if you are interested maybe It will be worth the wait. But it does has a little drawback: those little pieces in the belt. They are always falling out which is a little pain in the ass if you are shooting outdoors. You don’t want to loose a part of a $250 toy.


Number 2

C-3PO by Revoltech – Lately it’s always in my bag. The articulation is fantastic, the paint job is correct (it’s not gold chromed, it’s just “some kind of gold” but it works). It’s a 1/12 scale figure (maybe my favorite size) and you can easily carry a dozen of them in your bag. You can get good figures at a good price in this size and there are a few collections, Black Series, Sh Figuarts, Figma, Comicave, Revoltech too choose from. The fact that they are cheap makes me not worry too much if I lose a part or break something when I go outdoors. After all the “technical” aspects, I have always thought that the idea of having 3PO doing “dynamic things” is funny. So my aim with this figure is always that, making him move his shiny ass.


Number 3

Skeletons – Apart from the usual addiction to all Kenner toys in the early eighties, I had an obsession with skeletons. I played for years with a “more than” cheap skeleton my father won for me at a fairground when I was 7 or 8 years old. It’s my favorite toy ever and as years go by I always try to buy new articulated skeletons. Some companies have been releasing skeletons like the ones created by Ray Harryhausen ‘s figures for the movie Jason and the Argonauts or cheap ones from the Japanese company Re-Ment.

Here you can see (it’s not the best photo ever, I did it fast this morning near the office) one of the latest Kaiyodo skeletons holding my cheap and old skeleton of my childhood.


Number 4

SHFiguarts Iron Man – Of course I love Iron Man figures and I have passed through all kinds of Iron Man figures during my years of toy photography; from the cheapest Marvel Universe by Hasbro all the way to the high end Hot Toys Armors. I really love them all but if I have to choose one I would say that the SHFiguarts versions are my favorites, they are pretty close to the Hot Toys Armors but at a “portable” size and with a good price (around $60).

Which one? I love them all but the first War Machine is a piece of art. The first time I saw it I couldn’t believe they had made such a beautiful and highly detailed figure in that size.


Number 5

Lego Protocol Droids – As I said before, I love C-3PO (who doesn’t?) and I love the Lego Protocol Droids. I love all the colors and different kinds they ave released and I try always to buy the new one so I can add it to my collection. I still don’t have them all and I guess I’ll never have that Real Gold one, but I really enjoy seeing them all together, red, silver, white, black, “yellow”. Little variations over a common base, little variations over a pattern, like Stockhausen’s compositions, that’s how I see every new Protocols Droid release by Lego.


I have left some favorites behind, the Super Powers Batman by Kenner, the Synthetic Human by 1000toys or the Joker 2.0 by Hot Toys among others.

Please, Stuckinplastic, don’t ask me next week which are my favorites, because the whole list will be completely different.

~ David (@Suppaduppa666)