"...have you felt it."

“…have you felt it.”


Like most folks, I have two days a week off from work. Most times I spend those days taking pictures, getting caught up around the house, running errands and avoiding phone calls from…work. These past couple of days off were much the same with one exception. I sat down and watched Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched that movie more times than any human should. I know all the dialogue, the score, bloopers, characters names and back stories. I was once challenged to recite the movie line-for-line. The challengers interest waned before I was able to finish, but I can report I got as far as when Luke exclaims “HOME”.

When it comes to Star Wars, none of that is unusual. There are plenty of folks walking around that are as big a fan as I am and plenty that are even more so. To this day though, no story and no movie captures my attention like Star Wars does.

Now, when I say Star Wars, I’m referring to the first movie released. Because to me, that’s Star Wars. Always has been and always will be. I love the other movies too, just not to the same degree. So…why am I telling you all of this?

The second trailer for the new episode, “The Force Awakens”, was released last week. When I watched it for the first time I found myself in a familiar place. A place I can still recall with great clarity. It was the same place I was found myself in back in 1977 watching “Star Wars” for the first time. I caught myself watching it slack-jawed and eyes wide open while all of the “new” revealed itself. While “the force” may not awaken until December 18th, 2015 (240 days from now) the trailer snapped me out of a coma!

As quickly as the trailer finished, my mind filled with ideas for new photographs, STAR WARS photographs. Stormtroopers, Luke, Darth, Mr. Fett, all of them are swimming around in my head just begging to have their photo taken. I shoot nearly every sci-fi, comic book, cartoon and movie related figure you can imagine but I see them getting a well deserved rest for awhile.

I have not felt this kind of inspiration for quite a while. Lately a lot of my pictures had been looking and feeling clunky. I wasn’t happy with them, I’d exhausted my material and photo safaris were starting to feel like a chore. “The Force Awakens” has dispelled the case of “blahs” I The only thing preventing me from nonstop photo sessions now are the fact that I have to go to work and occasionally I need to sleep.

So, in between work and sleep, I’ll be snapping pictures of plastic that’s been molded into all of the Star Wars characters everyone is so familiar with. They are my friends and it will be good to do them justice. I only hope the new movie is as good as the trailers are building it up to be. I can’t handle another Pod-Racing incident or Jar-Jar Binks debacle.


these are the droids...

these are the droids…

Did you see the new trailer?

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