Our First Contest!

I’m so excited to be announcing our first LEGO toy photography contest!

As many of you know we have an ongoing relationship with the folks at Bricks Culture to write about toy photography and showcase the work of our amazing community. Our first article was a brief introduction to toy photography while our second article talked about the fun of taking toys on vacation with you. Our third article is on robots, a topic near and dear to all of us here at Stuck in Plastic.

“Awake” by Mike Stimpson

For each of our articles we need to submit awesome photos… and this is where you come in. We want to see your amazing photos of robots; LEGO robots come in many shapes and sizes; they run the gamut from mechs to Wall-E, from original MOCs to mini figures. We want to feature as many amazing photographs from this community as we can. Continue reading Our First Contest!

What is me and what is Shelly?

Is a photo only a result of time and place or is the photographer also a key-element in the making of a photograph? Being in Seattle for the show has made it possible for me to borrow Shelly’s amazing and beautiful robot.

I have to  admit I have a small crush on him. Continue reading What is me and what is Shelly?

Do Toys Have Souls?

The Japanese believe that every object has a soul.

Between 1999 and 2006 the Japanese company Sony sold a little robotic dog called Aibo domestically. In July of 2014 they announced they would stop repairing them which means certain death for the thousands of loyal “pets” still living.

As the following video demonstrates, the owners of these domestic companions are very attached to them. They play with them, they dress them up, they photograph them, they travel with them…

Sound familiar?


Are the Japanese correct? Do toys have souls?

Something to ponder the next time you take your toys out for a little photography session.

~ xxSJC

Do you think toys have souls? Feel free to share your thoughts below. 

A big thank you to bricksailboat for alerting me to this story.