Toy Photographers, founded in 2017, is a blog designed for and about toy photography.

We’re a group of dedicated individuals who enjoy sharing our passion for the hobby of toy photography. We love exploring our worlds, both internal and external, by photographing our toys.

The blog is made up of a group of regular writers, Shelly Corbett, Brett Wilson,  Lizzi Standing, James Garcia, Dave DeBaermaeker, Tobias Schiel, Joseph Cowlinshaw and many more, who share their creative journeys to help inspire their fellow toy photographers.

You can find posts on the artistic process, photography contests, toy reviews, basic photography guidelines as well as tips designed specifically for the toy photographer. You can also find guest posts from toy photographers from around the world sharing their experiences too. In addition to the blog, our Toy Photographers family also includes a G+ Community as well as the Toy Photographers Podcast.

The G+ Community

In our G+ Community we invite photographers to share their toy photographs, partake in monthly challenges, create photos for daily themed hash tags and ask for feedback. This is a fun and supportive community; always willing to share a kind word and their own knowledge with fellow toy photographers.

Tony Tulloch, our founding moderator, has set the tone of the G+ Community. Through his leadership, our community has grown into a fun place to share toy photos. He has helped to create a space that many of us now call our Internet home. He has cultivated a winning group of fellow moderators, Ryan Wolfe, Julie Blair and Tomasz Lasek, who are always on hand to welcome you to the Community and answer your questions.

The podcast

Our newest offering is The Toy Photographers Podcast, hosted and produced by James Garcia. On the near weekly episodes, James alternates between interviewing members of the toy photography community and a conversation with fellow photographer Kristina Alexanderson. These conversations on a specific theme are designed to inspire other toy photographers to think about their stories as well as inspire them to look at photographs critically.

If you’re found this page, then welcome to the Toy Photographers family!

~ Shelly