A journalist by profession, I’m a lifelong toy collector who found my way to toy photography while taking a break from creating my mixed media paintings, for which I’ve earned some recognition, including many gallery and museum shows, and inclusion in publications such as The New York Times, Newsday and various newspapers on the East End of Long Island, where I live. I’ve honed my craft and found a place in the community over the years since 2014, when I began shooting toys in earnest.

You can find my work by searching (and following!) @oliversees on Instagram, and you can read my story in more detail right here on the Toy Photographers blog. I’m constantly working to define my voice and challenge myself with new subjects and styles, never limiting my photography to a particular line of toys, scale or subject. Shoot me a message here or on Instagram and say hello.

I also recently started @118af on Instagram, an account featuring 1:18 scale toy photos, customs and more.