Community Hashtags

Hashtags are where it’s at these days. You can find them everywhere, and the toy photographers community is no different. If you’re looking for inspiration, then take a look at some of our themed hashtags over on Google + or Instagram.

Mechanoid Monday

Meet Snowshoe. The trusty sidekick to our brave space explorer.

Why not post your robot shots on any Monday. All toy brands, and all robots, mecha, droids etc. are welcome.

#mechanoidmonday on G+
#mechanoidmonday on Instagram

Toy Dino Tuesday

Run tiny toy dino, run!

Tuesday: the day we celebrate prime plastic pieces of paleontology prizes. Why not join in with your own toy dinosaur images. Any dinosaur, and any brand is welcome.

#toydinotuesday on G+
#toydinotuesday on Instagram


Tony takes on the world on Slumpday

It’s the middle of the week and you really aren’t in the mood to spend hours creating your photographic masterpiece, so why not take part in #slumpday? Snap any photo featuring a toy (maybe that pile of discarded toys on your desk?) and post it up. No need to edit, no need for it to be perfect. BAM. Photo done.

#slumpday on G+
#slumpday on Instagram

No Figure Friday

Snip, snip.

A hashtag to feature all the wonderful accessories and kit our toys come with! Pick an accessory and take its photo this Friday.

#nofigurefriday on G+
#nofigurefriday on Instagram

Toyday is Punday

I find the fishmonger at the local market to be a little standoffish.

Today is Sunday
Toyday is Punday!

Get out your best dad jokes, one-liners, and groaners, and give them new life with toy photography this Sunday.

#toydayispunday on G+
#toydayispunday on Instagram

Other hashtags of note


Make sure you also tag our blog in your photos so we can find you!


If you’re female and into toy photography, represent your work with the #womenintoyphotography hashtag!