We started a new series of photo-challenges here on SiP when Shelly asked me (and herself) to write about our work. This time it’s my turn to look in The Photographers Playbook and choose a challenge. I thought I would take one that involves photographing this time 😉 The assignment I have chosen is one by Takashi Homma, and at first glance it may seem easy, but I think we’ll struggle with this one, because of my experience of trying to make photographs like the photographs I admire.

The challenge is:

“pick a  photograph by one of your favorite photographers and try and shoot an exact copy of it. Take the setup seriously and consider aspects like composition and point of view.”

As I’ve already confessed, I’ve tried this before and never really succeeded, but this time I’ll try harder 😉 I look forward to seeing your result as well as mine when we sum up this challenge in two weeks …