Brett Wilson

Just a knucklehead with a camera, a bunch of toys & some words.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Yes, I’ve got a camera. And yes, I’ve got a bunch of toys. I do know some words and junk. But despite what some might tell you, I’m not a complete knucklehead.

I studied art, design and photography at college. Some of what I learned way back then must’ve sunk in? It wasn’t until I stumbled upon toy photography back in the early days of Instagram that I realised this. My college photography teacher’s words (imagine the muted trombone sounds of the Peanuts cartoons’ teacher talk) like juxtaposition, rule of thirds, and leading lines all came back to me…and became less muted!

But let’s keep all this quiet; I don’t want to completely debunk my knucklehead persona!

When I’m not babbling about stuff here, you can find me on Instagram.