Time for Magic!

Time for Magic! is a special review of LEGO Hogwarts Castle #71043 by Miss Feklista Dear wizards, welcome to the best magical school in the world! Today I’m glad to show you the new micro scale LEGO Hogwarts Castle and it won’t be a simple review: I prepared many surprises …

The Coming of the Fairies

This is a true story about one of the most ingenious photographic mysteries of the 20th century; The Coming of the Fairies! It started in the wonderful village of Cottingley in West Yorkshire when two young cousins Elsie and Frances were playing with the camera at the bottom of the …

Find Your Light by Ann Feklista

Credence is a Wizard and it has brought the Darkness to his heart. His fanatic mother dedicated her life to the witch hunt and she doesn’t know the truth about her son. He doesn’t understand why he always feels like a stranger.

-“Because you’re different, Credence”.

These words were said by the only person who was kind to him and also had the same power.

“You will get your own Magical Wand and become part of our world”.

The Magic Wand Maker’s shop is such a mysterious place full of shadows and long boxes. Credence tries one more wand…

Inexplicable sunrise in the room… what is it? It’s night in the town but the shop becomes lighter and lighter.

Credence knows it’s not the sun. It is HIS Light , the light of Magic!

Even if its dark around, everything changed for Credence. He has found out about his magic and now it will be a Positive power…

“You will go to the Wizarding School”, – his friend said. He has just made this castle from ice for Credence. – “Never hide your talents. Be different”.

The world meets a new Wizard!

Thank you for your attention. My story is based on the movie: “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. I’d like to thank Shelly and the Toy Photographers Blog for the opportunity to participate in this creative project!

Ann Feklista