DIY Toy Photography Diorama: Tea Plantation

Come to see how the green plantation rises with the Sun and gives you the best tea you’ve ever tasted! With this quick DIY diorama tutorial we’ll make a trip to Japan and take some memorable photos of the sunny green farmlands. The size shown in this example is good for LEGO minifigures, but you can adjust it to work for larger figures, too.

The character with lemon near the plantations

Tea with lemon

Sew the fields!

To create the rows of crops for the diorama background, you will need: a base layer of fabric (any type or color), cotton or batting, green felt, dark green thread, a sewing needle or sewing machine.

Let’s study the “natural” set up of the scene in detail. Rows of crops will go in different directions across the rolling hills. To create this effect, you will need rows of fields of different shapes. The plantations can be sewed “by hand”–you even don’t need to work with a sewing machine (but if you have one, it is quicker).

The felt plantations
Larger pieces shown are 13-18cm.

Take any fabric for the lower layer, then cover it with a layer of cotton: the thickness of the cotton layer depends on how much you want to increase the 3D relief of your plantation.

The felt plantations

The third layer is the green soft felt. Put all the layers together with green or dark green threads. In my opinion, dark green is much better because it matches the lines of the plantation when it becomes a blurred background for your minifigures.

The felt plantations

The stitches will be invisible from most angles (see below) and can be blurred out with your camera focus if they do show, so they don’t have to be perfect. Look how realistic they are!

The felt plantations, close-up

Paint the mountain

Time for the background for our tea fields. I painted the mountain and regulated its position so that it would be on the right level with the ground. You could also print out a large photo of a mountain or use a computer monitor for the background, if you prefer.

The paper mountain

Make the magical leaves fly

Besides the technical preparations with flying paper (using wires or threads to suspend them), we have one more artistic task: selecting the right color for the leaves. I tried to make them darker as an experiment but they looked too heavy in comparison with such a sunny view. So I brightened the leaves and it really worked!

The first version of the leaves
The first dark version of the leaves


Now we can enjoy the natural view of our tea plantation and the flying leaves caught by the wind. Thanks for your attention!

The result

Ann @Megacolormix

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      Dear friend, thank you very much for your kind comment! So happy you enjoyed the DIY and the result! Can’t wait to see your shots from Japanese felt plantation! 😉

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