Collecting and Photographing: Funko Pop! in Focus

Collecting toys often goes hand-in-hand with toy photography. We can find a new toy line, combine all the colors and emotions and unite all the characters from one story. And the Funko Pop! line is perfect for thematic collecting.

I chose a Harry Potter theme and enjoyed discovering something absolutely special. So, let me introduce some of these nice guys as we explore the fun of Funko Pop! in toy photography.

Style and appearance

Like LEGO BrickHeadz, Funko Pop! figures have minimalist features, but they have enough recognizable details to easily represent each character’s appearance and capture their personality—such a brilliant artistic trick!

Ways of photographing

These figures fit comfortably in the collector’s hand. If you’re used to shooting LEGO minifigures, Funko Pop! figures are rather big and don’t look clear enough against a detailed background until you use a very low F-stop to set the figure apart. Even if we prepare a diorama for them, it should look as “sketchy” as Funko themselves.

These figures lend themselves to both indoor and outdoor shots, but shooting indoors helps provide more control over the environment. Many Funko Pop! photographers like to shoot them on the pages of the illustrated books and magazines, and often add some colorful thematic pins. It works!

I chose to use Harry Potter movie merchandise and one-color backgrounds for my wizards, as well as thematically appropriate props:

Palette of the toys

What a wonderful use of color and expression of each character’s emotions! It’s evident that these figures are made with much love for the films. The simplicity of the palette highlights the key colors for each character, and it really delights the eyes.

Peter Pettigrew and the magical Map

Let’s hear from you!

Do you like to create Funko Pop! figures? Do you take pictures of all the toys you collect? Are you considering adding a new toy line to your collections? Please share some examples with us. I enjoyed many beautiful examples of Funko Pop! photography here in the Toy Photographers blog. It would be interesting to read your impressions and your experiences shooting these figures.

– Ann @megacolormix

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  1. I really like the look of Funko Pops. They are always super expressive, and give every character a child-like quality with the big head and eyes. I also enjoy seeing photos of them – the ones in this post being great examples.

    I have never purchased any because they are a little too one-pose for me. I like some variety in pose in the figures I shoot. However I really hope this sparks interest in others, cause I am so tired of seeing peoples collections as just a wall of boxes. They should be out in the world in front of a camera!

    • Miss__Feklista

      Thank you very much for your kind feedback, dear Dave, it was very interesting to know your opinion! Indeed, even the villains look funny and positive when they become part of Funko Pop world. 🙂

      They always give much inspiration for the photos, and I share your vision of Funko as an object of photography, not only collecting.
      I know you are an expert of the dynamic Action Figure scenes 🙂 . Of course, Funko characters need some special setup instead of their articulation. Anyway, I’m very glad you like the photos with them!

      Thank you very much again!

  2. Elena

    Warm colors, lovely toys, cozy composition! I love them!
    I have some Funko Pop! Harry Potter figures too. They are so alive 🙂 Thank you, Ann! I’d like to play with them right now! 🙂

    • Miss__Feklista

      So glad to know you are inspired, my friend ! 🙂 These toys really create magical atmosphere! Thank you very much for sharing your positive impressions, it means a lot!

  3. Mary Wardell

    The Funko characters have been catching my eye for quite awhile but I’ve held off because of the price but I do love the look of them and always enjoy the photos I see, Thanks for the post!

    • Miss__Feklista

      Thank you very much for your comment, Mary!
      Yes, the price is a good remark, especially if it’s about some exclusive toy of Funko collection!
      I’m glad you like the Funko photos too. 🙂 Always glad to hear your positive feedback !

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