Create LEGO Ornaments for Your Festive Tree!

The holidays are coming! It’s time to share the bright and creative ideas for small and big trees. Today we’ll combine our hobby with festive Christmas ornaments.

All this time I had a micro-toy from an old LEGO set that inspired me to create an interesting decoration. Here it is, the small toy with a huge potential!

A cube from board games

Did you like LEGO board games? They were dedicated to adventures and different movies, and they contained these excellent dice with brick-built elements. So, how many different ornaments can we get from a cube with six 2×2 plates? Let’s try covering the sides and turn this unique die into a beautiful toy!

A 'Snowflake' toy

There are so many sparkling LEGO pieces that can be used for snowflakes. Or how about gifts wrapped in bright boxes?

'Gift' toy

Create your own combination of colors. Choose some transparent micro-details and make an ice design for your tree.

Colorful toy

Are you a fan of video games? The cube is a perfect geometric figure for the toy from Valve’s hit game, Portal.

Chell and a Cube

And now we’ll extend the boundaries. It’s possible to put 3×3 plates on a 2×2 cube and get a bigger toy! One of the best themes for this is a Gingerbread House.

'Gingerbread House' toy

The most important moment: How does it look on a tree? It’s time to use our toys and enjoy the result!

Gingerbread house on a tree

It looks very impressive with festive lights.

Colorful toy on a tree
Ice toy on a tree

Thanks for your attention, dear friends. I hope you enjoyed this idea and I wish you Happy Holidays!

Ann @megacolormix


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