Ride the Wave! Extreme Tutorial

This month we have a very inspiring theme on MeWe—Motion—that will surely energize you with new ideas. In pursuit of extreme motion I caught a special wave and now I’m excited to share my tutorial with you.

Water, the right angle and handiwork—these are three elements of the real tube riding* for the toy photo!

* Tube riding is surfing inside the barrel of a wave.

Crafting the water

Can you guess how a garbage bag might offer more than just holding trash? It’s not garbage when it creates an amazing illusion for a photo! You need to put a sheet of flexible cardboard in a blue garbage bag to serve as a framework for creating the round shape of a rolling wave. Just fasten the edges of paper together with a paperclip or glue.

The paper wave


Let’s create an ocean in the bathroom! Just put your improvised stand in the bath, cover the stand with another blue garbage bag and firmly connect the paper wave with the stand so that the real water won’t destroy the paper construction.

The installation of a paper wave

Time for the real water

Now you can take a shower 😉 and start surfing! Or at least prepare to get splashed, and protect your camera if needed. Work from different angles in order to show the motion: For example, we can show how the surfer uses his weight to increase his speed or avoid slipping out of the water tube.

The shower and a paper wave

These shots are taken using a flash and with different angles of water droplets.

One of the variants of a scene

Surf’s up!

Finally, with some experimentation, the water covers all the necessary points of our paper wave and we get a realistic, dynamic scene!

The result

I hope you enjoyed the experiment as much as I did! Please, join our great challenge and have fun. Thanks for your attention!

Ann @megacolormix

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