Delicious and Inedible!

It’s common knowledge that we can cook all kinds of food with LEGO bricks and imagination. You can build any life-size dish or choose items from the official menu. Apple, cherry or cake—I’m sure your minifigures eat some of these products every day. But how about the simplest details in your culinary photos? Use them in a new way and the result will surprise you!

baked fresh ham in bricks
Baked fresh ham

An old form with a new content

Cones, plates and slopes were part of buildings or landscape in the old days. Create the new kinds of LEGO food, using the old tiny pieces.

Sandwiches in bricks

Bright colors

The palette of the cuisine is the basis for the real art. Japanese food is a perfect example of edible paintings made of simple natural products. Choose the colors of your favorite ingredients and transform your ‘mix-of-bricks’ into salad, soup or a meat dish.

Vegetable soup in bricks
Vegetable soup

Salt and pepper

Make your dish unique. Don’t forget sauce, spice plants and special style for plates and cups.

Are you hungry? Then your culinary photo is done!

Meat pockets in bricks
Meat pockets / Pelmeni

Do you like the ‘Food’ theme in your Toy Photography? Have you ever built LEGO food?

Ann @Miss_Feklista

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  1. These are wonderful builds Ann! It’s making me hungry 🙂 I especially like the salad (tomatoes and vegetables) in the first photo 🙂 I think my gymnast minifigs would be thrilled if I made them some healthy food for photos 🙂

  2. Elena

    Brilliant idea and wonderful pistures! I want to eat all your dishes! I have few post cards with food too, and now I want to make my own photos with food! Thank you! And Happy New Year! :))

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