Victories of the Year – Time to Celebrate 2019!

Dear friends,

Today I’m so glad to thank you for all the fun and to share the results of this creative year!

First, I’d like to thank Shelly for inviting me to the Toy Photographers Blog. I always enjoy everything bright and interesting in the world of toy photography—that’s why I’m so grateful for this opportunity and your kind support, Shelly! Being a part of the community gives me such positive feelings. I’d also like to thank Brett for his great help, support in our group’s creative events, and the absolutely amazing Secret Santa gift!

Big thanks to all the contributors of this blog for the great artistic content, ideas and experiments, and to the readers for your kind comments and impressions!

Goldstein sisters are cooking dinner
Cooking the festive dinner! 

Goals of the year

My personal goal was CONTACT.  Writing for the blog means “having fun together.” It was interesting for me to communicate with the audience and suggest collective work ideas to the team. With two new projects “Exchange of Visions” and “The Story and You,” Tomek, Teddi and I organized an amazing collaboration—a real cultural fest. Thank you for your creativity, Teddi and Tomek!

The writer in his office
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I really liked our participants’ inspiring challenges on MeWe! For example, Joshua Kittleson suggested a special cinematic theme, while Matthew Wyjad organized many great challenges, like “Balance” (thanks so much for the 3D stereo glasses, Matthew).

Spider Man in his room
Time to go!

We also have Five Words characterizing the year. Let’s study this period through these key aspects!


The 100% urban landscape of my south city is one reason why I’m a studio photographer. I also enjoy the amazing challenge the studio gives! I compared the real and artificial snow, transforming my studio into the Alps. Just use the territorial limit for your shots and you will achieve victory (with a taste of flour)!

The skier and Alps

I also shared a recipe for creating a real hologram for toy photography, and liked the reader impressions—of course, it’s fun to create such digital miracles with the help of plastic and a smartphone. 😉

The diver and the hologram
Digital Ocean


It was an interesting experience combining different techniques for toy photos. I sculpted and painted my own action figures in order to recreate the Tale of the Three Brothers written by J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book and movie).

Death is giving the stone to the second Brother

I like the Six Image Narrative idea and the different forms it takes. This time I wrote my own story and illustrated it, using light painting for magical spells, and studied ship construction. 😉 Thanks a lot for the kind feedback.

the ship in the sea


Whatever ideas we express through the prism of toy photography, this hobby is always a source of joyful energy. Funny events, memorable behind-the-scenes moments, unplanned bloopers—I wrote about it in my post “When does your hobby make you laugh?” and enjoyed the positive comments from the community.

The boy is flying with his propeller hat
The Moon must be about somewhere…


I think the respect for all types of photographers and toys is such a good aspect of the collective! I decided to describe Minimates on the blog and heard so many interesting opinions from different readers. This toy line became the subject of an excellent discussion.

Peter Parker's room
Peter Parker’s room

As our friend Oliver said, “You don’t always have to buy the action figure to take great toy photos.” My article reviews the toy without any point of articulation… this small colorful toy can form a balancing pyramid, describe your hobby/mood/style, and it has an enormous potential for toy photos! And it’s just a bonus item when you make purchases in hypermarkets.

The crazy bean and the classroom
Grinding away at books …


I marked this Toy Photo Year with a new technique—light painting. I tried it for the magical spells and had SO much fun!

The wizard is training in magic
The symbol of the Deathly Hallows

You can’t imagine how many times these two guys were trying to paint with their magical wands! They could train all day long. 😉

Tom Riddle is painting his name
“Voldemort” is my past, present and future! 

Wherever you live, dear friends, may your winter be warm! I wish happy holidays to you and your loved ones, as well as inspiration and much fun!

The international space station

Sincerely yours,

Ann @Miss_Feklista


  1. Elena

    Let’s celebrate Ann! 🙂 2019 was full of new experience, creativity, fun! Your humor and positive gave the energy for me 😉 I wish you to continue, grow and only UP! :)))) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Ann Thank you for the wonderful post! You really embodied our five words to guide us this year. Your creativity is a constant source of inspiration. I still think your Tale of Three Brothers is one of the best posts ever to grace this blog. I look forward to seeing how you inspire and grow in the coming year. Thank you for being such a unique and amazing member of this community! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! – Shelly

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and wonderful wishes, Shelly! I’m very thankful for your support! This creative year was very colorful and interesting. It’s great to know you enjoyed the Tale of Three Brothers! I loved your artistic research about photography styles and movements (David Levinthal and Garry Trudeau, Pictorialism), it was so interesting! Happy holidays to you too, my friend!

      Kind Regards,

  3. Matthew Wyjad

    Hey! I’m glad you enjoy the glasses. If i could I would send everyone a pair! I hope they help you creatuvely as well. It has been a pleasure meeting you and everyine else on MeWe this year.

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