These Toys Will Describe You Without Words!

It’s common knowledge that you not only buy toys in hypermarkets, but also get them as a bonus on purchases. However, some of these toys will make you laugh, and even little children can’t find them useful. BUT! I’ll show you the real exception! This collection is worth calling ‘toys’ and has an enormous potential for toy photography!

Orange laughing beans

‘Crazy Beans’ – masters of balance

These tiny beans are made of light plastic. A metallic ball spins inside of a bean and makes it move and do some “acrobatic” tricks. When I hold a box with a full collection, the beans get extremely noisy because of these balls. I’ve seen similar versions of these toys in other countries, but they “jump” or feature images of cartoon characters, instead of being about balance.

The yellow bean, martial artist
The great martial artist. ‘Calm’ is his second name!

Collectors create different games, but “Pyramid” is the most interesting. Placing the beans in this shape is rather challenging because they’re designed to NOT stay still. Work carefully!

The pyramid of 5 beans

Explosion of colors

A selection of 32 beans shows the richness of characters, hobbies and emotions. “3-D emojis” would be the right comparison. 😉 Every character has a name and a short description. It makes the children’s games more creative and provides inspiration for toy photos.

Blue and red beans
Teams: “Boys” and “Dancers”

Many beans are holding their favorite things, accessories or sports equipment. It’s interesting that the characters are not only humorous but also realistic, and the collector will surely find a representation of himself or her friends in this great variety.

Yellow and pink beans
Teams: “Sportsmen” and “Girls”

Choose your favorite Crazy Bean!

As you can see, the beans are divided into several groups. For example, “Cheerful Guys” is one of the funniest teams, with creative descriptions: “He’s an absolute clown—not only because of his red nose” or “He always laughs, even when he sleeps.”

Orange beans
“Cheerful Guys”

Another wonderful collection is “Clever Guys.” Just have a look at these highly intelligent faces!)))

White beans
“Clever Guys”

There are two special beans in the collection. The girl is transparent and covered with sparkles. The chemist glows in the dark!

Special beans

They love toy photography!

I discovered the beans’ amazing creative potential when I decided to write about them. Crazy Beans look brilliant in toy photos and inspire the photographer to create more and more scenes. I’m sharing the examples with you:

White beans, chemists
Birthday bean
Sportsmen are ready to play football
Clever bean at school

Have you ever seen or received any useful and interesting bonus items like these with your purchases? Tell us or show your examples in the comments below, and share the link so we can see your toys. Thanks for your attention!

Ann @Miss_Feklista

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  1. Thank you SO much for your kind words, my dear friend! Your support means a lot.
    It takes much time to prepare the new reviews and cheerful projects and it’s nice that they are still seen.
    I’m so happy you like this colorful team! I had much pleasure, sharing these pictures with you! Thank you very much again!

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