“The Story and You” – Collective Project and Celebration of Creativity

While autumn is painting the world in bright colors, the artists of the Toy Photographers community are celebrating the season of inspiration and mysterious stories.

Dear friends, I created a special project for all of us. I hope you will enjoy reading, following and creating it. “The Story and You” is an adventure with no ending. You can become a writer and tell what happens after the characters’ last words… Be the author of their destiny, reveal their future, show more about them! Let me know if you’re interested. We will compare different versions in the next post.

And now I’ll tell you a story…

Those wonderful eyes

It’s been a long time since my good friend John became part of those unbelievable events. Writing about his destiny, I’m leaving the readers to make their own conclusions. I hope you can throw light upon what is dark to me.

That memorable meeting took place in the hall of the Royal Academy. The gallery satisfied John’s aesthetic nature, but all the pictures were forgotten when he noticed an extremely beautiful woman standing at the other side of the room. Her wonderful eyes showed unusual strength of character and feminine softness.

There was a young man with this lady. I recognized him: Reeves was the life and soul of any party at our university. I supposed that Reeves’ companion was his fiancée. John definitely looked upset when I shared this idea with him.

Kate's portrait

Two weeks later, I heard strange news from John.

“Reeves’ engagement is off! I think it’s foolish of him. She’s so nice… and the most unlucky girl in the world!”

Her name was Kate. Nobody knew where she came from. This was her second engagement. The first man seemed to go insane the day before the wedding… Now something had happened to Reeves: He looked delirious and frightened, and he was afraid to stay alone.


After the holidays, my friend told me about his unexpected engagement. However, I knew her name even before John told me:

“The more I know Kate, the more I admire her! I’ll introduce you to her so you can form your own opinion.”

But I couldn’t understand this woman. There was an extraordinary mixture of steely hardness and tenderness in this little creature. Fear invaded my mind when we visited the famous mesmerist’s show together.

“A mesmerized subject is entirely dominated by the will of the mesmerist,” the lecturer explained. “I’ll choose a member of the audience and make him do what I wish.” With these words, the lecturer fixed his eyes upon John who looked like a man of a nervous temperament. Under the influence, John tried to stay in his seat… I was watching this scene with interest when I noticed an unusual expression on Kate’s face. She was sitting with her eyes fixed intently upon the mesmerist, with concentrated power in her features.

“I won’t go on!” the lecturer said. “There is a stronger will than mine acting against me.”

Kate with a victim in her hand

I waited outside the hall until my friend and the lady came out. John was laughing over his victory in this silent duel. I chose the right moment and said to the woman:

“You did that, Miss Kate. Any will that has such power is dangerous.”

“I know you don’t like me,” she answered. I was very surprised that she shared this true accusation. “Don’t interfere with me or you will see the real danger.”

About three weeks before John’s marriage, he said that Kate was going to tell him something important. When he returned, his face was deathly pale.

“My engagement is off,” he said. “It’s too horrible. She hides a vampiric nature behind that lovely face! I’m saying more than I should. I have loved her too much to speak the truth. Don’t go!” he suddenly cried. “I feel better when you’re here. I’m safe from her then.”

My poor friend needed help. I travelled with him to the sea and the trip served as good medicine for John’s troubled mind. One night we were admiring the beautiful island and endless sea. Suddenly, John cried out and an expression of horror came over his pale face.

“Look there! It is she! It is she! She has come for me. Don’t let me go!”

“I don’t see anybody. Come into the house!”

“She told me she would come for me, and she keeps her word. I must go. I’m coming, Kate!”

I couldn’t stop John, and my friend ran into the darkness of the night. I followed him…

Ghost of a woman near the ship

Ann @Miss_Feklista


  1. I was confused at first about how to participate in this sort of collaborative story. But then I realized that the story is written from the viewpoint of a friend who isn’t in the photos, and there’s some leeway for variation in the woman’s dress and hairstyle.

    The ending could feature the person who is narrating (any minifigure we like) and then I can either match the existing characters as best I can or maybe end the story in a way that doesn’t show them directly.

    A really fun idea for a collaborative photo project, Ann!

    • Thank you very much for sharing your ideas about the development of the story, Teddi! It was interesting to follow your thoughts about the characters’ future and the way to show it. 🙂

      I’m glad we have the project where the participants can create anything they imagine and present their own vision of the heroes.

      I’m very grateful for your interest and participation, dear Teddi! Can’t wait to see your part of the story. Thanks a lot again!

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