LEGO ‘Friends’ Restaurant 41379 Review

Welcome to the Heartlake City Restaurant, one of the best restaurants where you can enjoy Italian dishes!

The cook is inviting he guests to the restaurant

In my opinion, this is the best LEGO ‘Friends’ set, and I’m absolutely fascinated with the palette and architecture of this building.

The view of the restaurant

The design of the front of the restaurant and the extraordinary construction of the roof gave me the builder’s pleasure. You’ll find so many interesting details in this set!

The roof and the sign of the building

The miniature arches and the positive bright colors of the walls create the atmosphere of Italy and bring the feeling of a summer vacation to your heart.

The cook is coming downstairs

And now let’s sing the serenade to the new dish in LEGO’s menu—yes, this is spaghetti with meatballs!

The kitchen of the restaurant

No comments! *I’m going to take a lunch break*…

Spaghetti with meat balls

An Italian restaurant is impossible without a good pizza! It’s cooked in a nice new oven. I like the use of round tiles as coal.

The cook with a pizza near the oven

Grapes are everywhere! The design of the grapes on the roof and the grape-shaped sign look so aesthetically pleasing.

The second floor of the restaurant

What a romantic view!

The couple is enjoying the dinner

Wow, what a luxurious toilet! XD We’ve already seen many toilets in modular buildings, but this one is made in style.

The toilet of the restaurant

Even the trash container looks funny.)) It also features a very interesting building idea for the tree.

The cats near the trash container

As you can see, this set gives so much inspiration for a toy photographer! You can spend the whole day, creating new scenes and catching different views of this colorful restaurant.

The additional view of the building

If you are not hungry yet (hard to imagine!), I invite you to this amazing cold table! What a realistic construction! Olive oil and vinegar are used for the sauce that we’ll add to the fresh salad.

The dishes of a cold table

See you again!

The girl is leaving the restaurant

I’m sure you enjoyed this restaurant as much as I did! Thanks a lot to Shelly and Brett for the great opportunity to present this set to you, and thanks to The LEGO Group for providing this wonderful set for review!

Ann @Miss_Feklista

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    • Miss__Feklista

      Always happy to hear your kind feedback: so glad you liked this wonderful set! I wanted to share this great atmosphere with the readers. Thank you very much, dear friend!

  1. Lovely review Ann, i feel joy and happiness!
    There’s a but.
    Let’s clarify this.
    Spaghetti with meatballs is not a typical italian dish, so this is probably an american restaurant run by italian americans minidolls 😀

    • Thanks for your comment, Marco!

      Your BUT is an interesting fact! BUT: Italian or no, this is “one of the best restaurants where you can enjoy Italian dishes” – pizza, for example. 😉

      I enjoyed this ‘Italian’ style of the toy restaurant and didn’t choose any definite country. Heartlake City can be American location too.

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