LEGO Space Research and Development 60230 Review

Amazing news! You are invited to the Space Research and Development Complex!

With this LEGO set we’ll find out about the real Space training programs. Thanks a lot to Shelly and Brett for the great opportunity to present this set to you, and to The LEGO Group for providing this wonderful set for review!

The future astronaut is walking on the artificial moon surface

The Space Training Centers recreate the surface of the planets in order to prepare future astronauts for real expeditions. They have to move in the special costumes equipped with a safety belt. Do you admire the new space mineral as much as I do?

The scientist is watching the test plant

We are entering the Department of the Test Plants for the space research experiments. The closed natural complex of different space missions consists of the plants that will become food for astronauts during the flight. I think this scientist is collecting the seeds in order to give them to the spacemen.

The men are passing the Centrifuge simulation

Centrifuge simulation is the hardest test in the space training program. These guys will never see the Moon without a medical inspection.

The welder and the repair woman

Humor is one of the main elements of this set. It’s sincerely funny and makes all the scenes even more creative. Another ‘YAY!’ of the pack is a new repair case!

The astronauts are frightening the journalist with the alien's head

That’s the brilliant example of humor I’m talking about. This scene was the set creators’ idea: The astronauts are frightening the journalist who believes in the alien’s existence.))

The scientists are studying the space minerals

As I noted before, this space mineral is a treasure. It can be the analogue to the real Moon or Martian ground that the researchers recreate at the geological laboratories.

In conclusion, I’d like to note that the LEGO Space sets are inspired by NASA careers and I enjoyed describing them in my review.

Ann @Miss_Feklista

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  1. Wonderful review and great photos Ann! I agree with you about the humor in this set 🙂 I think this is my favorite “people pack” – the minifigs are fantastic and I enjoy the humor too 🙂


    • Thank you very much for your kind comment, Lynn! Always glad to hear your positive feedback. 😀 This ‘people pack’ is one of my favorite sets too, there are so many details connected with the real space research! Thanks for sharing your impressions about this pack!


  2. Mary Wardell

    I saw this set for the first time yesterday! I love what you’ve done with it and the ideas that are now simmering for when that set makes its way into my hands. Thank you!

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