One World, Two Storytellers

July brought a real diamond to the creative Toy Photographers’ community.

The challenge, suggested by Joshua Kittleson, was dedicated to the emotional reactions between two subjects/persons united with one story. Enjoying this interesting event, I prepared some images based on this rich concept in order to share my creative joy with you.

1. One mirror for Two

Mirrored glasses have enough space for the second character! I made a sci-fi shot that offers different versions of this ambiguous scene. How do you see the smiling man? Is he a spy or a good character catching a villain in his own office? Is the second person a victim? Everything is possible with imagination…

A man wearing the mirror glasses

2. Competition

My work is based on the Amazing Spider Man movie. It shows the contrast of the competitors’ emotions: Peter Parker’s long-expected victory and Flash Thompson’s perplexity. This game was the perfect way to resolve the life conflict!

Peter and Flash are playing basketball

3. Different point of view

This movie still from Beauty and the Beast presents Gaston and his friend Lefou who are watching Belle with different thoughts in their minds.

Gaston is sure:

– “Nobody can resist ADMIRING me.”

Lefou thinks with irony:

– “Nobody DESERVES Gaston!”

Gaston and his friend Lefou are watching Belle

4. The superhero’s love

“We’re not on different paths…you’re my path. I know there are many reasons why we shouldn’t be together, but I’m tired of every single one of them… We all have to make a choice, right? Well I choose you”. (c) Spider Man

Is there any ‘Two-sense’, special idea? Well, if you’ve seen The Amazing Spider Man 2, you can say that this scene is an unplanned “farewell.” Terrible!

Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy on the roof near the river

5. Gifts

Friendship is an exchange of joy, hobby and memorable gifts. It makes the friends look very much alike – inside and in appearance.

Two robots are exchanging the gifts

6. Psychological manipulation

This time it’s a poster about the metaphor of Control. I placed two characters in different dimensions in order to show their mutual relationship: the Dark Wizard Grindelwald is playing with young and desperate Credence’s feelings, using the boy’s great magical power for the victory.

The Wizard is playing with the small marionette


That’s what I like in this creative hobby – a challenge that gives us so many impressions and ideas! Thanks a lot to all the members of our team for the great suggestions, and let’s continue this fun in August! Thanks for your attention!

Ann @Miss_Feklista

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  1. I love your shots, especially your disturbing metaphor for control. Well done! I love the Beauty & the Beast, too. So much possibility in that pic. I love your encouragement to do the challenges and push ourselves. I did a few entries and had fun with them. And now the closeups. It’s like a whole different kind of photography for me and I’m loving it. Can I take the month off of work to focus in? Pretty please? Thanks for leading us and hope you’re well. — Doug

  2. Dear Doug, thank you very much for your attention to my work and kind words!
    When friends support you and enjoy the creative events as much as you do, it’s always interesting to participate in the challenges. Glad you like the theme of this month: can’t wait to see your ideas! Hope you are well too!
    Kind Regards,

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