LEGO City 60235 “Fun Fair” Review

Summer is the best time for holidays and I’m excited to invite you to one of them – LEGO Fun Fair! Thanks a lot to Shelly and Brett for the great possibility to present this set to you and The LEGO Group for providing this wonderful set for review!

Two clowns are juggling 4 rings
Long legs & happy faces!

The new LEGO Minifigures Pack is a real holiday in a small box! Come to the Fun Fair that will give you the unforgettable impressions! The clowns have a gift for those who will jump high enough to catch it: new blue balloon dog.

The flying boy in the cap with propeller
The Moon must be about somewhere…

Another joy of the set is the funny cap with propeller. Perfect for windy weather!

The man is passing the Strength Test with the excited spectators

This Strength Test is just a brilliant invention! Such a small mechanism works exactly like a real copy. This pack gives both many photo opportunities and micro games.

The family is watching the ducks

The cute tiny ducks are the part of the clever ‘Ring Toss’ game. My example is dedicated to their natural habitat.

The clown is juggling the vegetables
“I’m tall because I like to eat fresh vegetables”!

The good Fair is impossible without a colorful clown who can surprise your friends and family. Just have a look at this amazing new guy in a festive red shirt!

The grandfather won the bear for granny in the Shooting Gallery
“He won a bear for me! It perfectly matches my purple coat”!

The third game of the set is a Shooting Gallery. Improve your skills in order to get the new purple bear!

The woman is painting the boy's pocket in orange
“Orange is definitely your  color”!

Children love the Face Painting stand. As you can see, there’s a fantastic richness of new torsos! They look very detailed and creative.

The girl is riding the ice cream bike

Here’s our rescue in hot weather! I admire this refreshing ice cream bike. It should be noted that all the paintings are printed on the LEGO parts, there are not any stickers and it’s rather comfortable. I like LEGO City 60235 pack very much!

Ann @Miss_Feklista

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  1. Great review and series of photos Ann! I’m looking forward to getting this set on August 1st, when it’s available. I especially like the ice cream vendor, she’ll have a lot of business here in Texas πŸ™‚ and her new hat/hairpiece is so cute!


    • Thank you very much for your kind words, dear Lynn! The set is fantastic and I’m sure you will enjoy it, making bright and joyful pics of these great figures. Hope your ice cream vendor will send us the “Greetings from Texas” through your Instagram gallery ! πŸ˜€


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