LEGO Building & Toy Photography

Do you like to combine LEGO Building and Toy Photography? If yes, your art is connected with many creative experiments! We can set the “Brick Photography” apart from other genres of toy art and discuss the best ways of using the bricks in our photos.

Types of Brick Photography

– Photography of MOC (my own creation)
– Presentation of LEGO set
– Brick-built toys in real environment

Scottish castle
The castle in Scotland

Photography of MOC

First of all, we need to make an architectural building/creature/scene and take a picture without many additional details. All we need is a right angle – as always! It will be interesting to work with light in order to breathe life into the bricks.

The building of Greece
Santorini, Greece

Level of building – 70%
Work with a Photo – 20%

Presentation of LEGO set

Generally, the official set offers many creative situations for playing. As for Toy Photography, it can give much inspiration for studio and outdoor pictures. Here the Photographer’s imagination plays the leading role because we have to make the unique scenes with the official set.
LEGO carLevel of building – 20%
Work with a Photo – 80%

Brick-built toys in real environment

In some situations it can become the most difficult type of Brick Photography. I’d like to share this special experience with you because it was rather interesting. Sometimes my brick-built creation looks better in studio than outdoors and it depends on the territorial or natural conditions. For example, my micro scale Shrieking Shack (Harry Potter 3rd movie) became more realistic with artificial background. However, the real environment is good for any LEGO transport and many official toys.
micro scale Shrieking Shack 1

micro scale Shrieking Shack - 2

Level of building – 50%
Work with a Photo – 50%
The proportion will be too subjective…

Are you a Bricktographer? How often do you combine LEGO Building and Toy Photography? What is your favorite type of the Brick Photography?

Ann @Miss_Feklista

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  1. Elena

    Very interesting! Pictures are colorful and positive! I am a studio photographer beacause there is no natural places for photography in my city. I love to build a background, too.

  2. I always like the challenge of shooting minifigures in a LEGO environment. Then I have to come up with ways to represent real world scenes but with bricks. It also saves me the trouble of having to clean up things like sand, soil etc 🙂

    Great post Ann! 🙂


    • Thank you very much, Lynn! 🙂 I’m very glad you liked the post. Representing the reality in bricks is a great challenge indeed! Though I like to recreate the natural elements, it’s nice when I don’t have to clean all the details after the super realistic scene. XD Thanks again!

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