Welcome aboard, Astronaut! – “Space Station” 9487 Playmobil Review

Amazing news! If you share my interest in space adventures you’ll see a great treasure in this post.

Today we’ll spend the real astronaut’s dayΒ at this fantastic Space Station. Enjoy the excursion and happy travelling!

The Space Station flying above the moon

Good morning to all the researchers! There is a promise of nice weather today, so be sure to take your best spacesuit. πŸ˜‰

The Astronaut is opening the door of the Space Station

The interior of the Space Station is a unique combination of science, engineering and mystery. It has many sections and rooms with all necessary instruments that we are going to study. The center of the station is equipped with sound and light effects: white lamps for the control room, exterior illumination, red lights (“Attention! Danger!”) and terrible alien voice…

The interior of the Space Station

The day starts with tooth brushes and happy smiles. πŸ™‚

The Astronaut is brushing teeth

Space equipment

What a richness of modern electronics! Open the computer and have a look at the pictures that the satellites had taken on the surface of Mars.

The modern space electronics

Space radio set
“Station-Earth line! Can you hear us”?

Different computer schemes are placed on a special shelf. There’s the evident aesthetical element in technical accessories. πŸ™‚

3 computer schemes on the table

The control panels are thought out to the last detail! Planetary motion, their distance from the station, volcanic vibrations – suggest your variants!

The control panels and the window

Nature in Space

This is one of the most interesting and beautiful rooms of the station. Let’s enter…

The Botanical Room of the space station

Here are the test plants for the space research experiments! The closed natural complex of different space missions consisted of onion, corn, sea weed, pea. With successful plant growth the astronauts get vegetable food during the flight.

The test plants for the space research experiments

The panel with the test plants
“It seems that we’ll get the perfect scientific results and… the great dinner”!

The second wall looks like a sterile environment with its snow-white color. This new microscope is a brilliant detail.

The 2nd wall of the Botanical Room

Let’s take a break!

Time for space food. Oops, catch your biscuit…

The Astronaut with flying space food

Space food and drinks
This menu gives the motivation for healthy eating!

The second room is designed for relaxation and health check. Of course, our astronauts don’t have claustrophobia that’s why they consider this room to be very cozy. πŸ˜‰

The Relaxation Room

2 Astronauts sitting in the Relaxation Room
“Always in cheerful mood”!
The entrance to the Relaxation Room
The entrance to the Relaxation Room.
The entrance to the Botanical Room
The entrance to the Botanical Room.
Flight and Landing

The exit into the space is realized with a cabin made of beautiful smoked glass.

The exit into the space from the glass cabin

The hall of the space station
Video viewing.

The Solar Panels system is an integral part of the Space Station. Both batteries look very realistic.

The Solar Panel

You can’t travel by a spaceship without repair tools. I’m glad this guy thought about unexpected situations because I don’t want to turn the ‘Danger!’ mode on…

The astronaut with repair tools

“Well, now we have to continue the work. It’s nearly time for us to see the Moon”…

The astronaut in the control room

The happy astronaut's portrait
“Thanks for visiting our Station! See you again”!


The “Space Station” 9487 Playmobil set is the great possibility to find out about the space travel in such an accessible and colorful way. It gives the full scope to the Toy Photographer’s imagination! πŸ˜‰

Ann @Miss_Feklista


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  1. brett_wilson

    What a wonderfully photogenic set, wonderfully photographed by you Ann. I love all the details you’ve highlighted, and I especially love the lighting you used.

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