Review: LEGO 21312 Women of NASA

I’ve known Maia Weinstock via Flickr for a few years, so when I heard that her “Women of NASA” set was being released on November 1st, I knew I wanted one right away. I had a feeling the set would be popular, so I ordered one in the middle of the night on release day from LEGO Shop@Home.

I’m very happy with this set. All three vignettes were fun and interesting to build and are great tributes to these amazing women. There are already many reviews about this set and the builds, so I’d like to write this one from a minifigure photographer’s perspective. Continue reading Review: LEGO 21312 Women of NASA

Let’s Celebrate the Women!

In Honor of International Woman’s Day I want to take a moment to celebrate all the amazing women toy photographers I know. I realize that International Woman’s Day was created to commemorate the struggle for women’s rights, both social and political. Maybe toy photography doesn’t rate? But since this is a blog dedicated to talking about toy photography – today I will honor the women of toy photography.


I wrote about Women in Toy Photography back in 2015. This post caused some controversy. Some people thought I was asking for some sort of special treatment. That was never my intention. I don’t think that women who play with toys, collect toys, photograph toys or create toys, need a helping hand from anyone. They’re strong women creating amazing work that adds depth and variety to our community. But sometimes our voice gets lost in the sea of testosterone we swim in daily. I created the tag, #womenintoyphotography, as a way for women toy photographers to find each other. Continue reading Let’s Celebrate the Women!

Women in Toy Photography

I was asked the other day to recommend a female LEGO toy photographer to feature on one of the toy photography curatorial sites. This seemingly simple question brought me up short. Who are the women LEGO photographers? For that matter, who are the women toy photographers? Continue reading Women in Toy Photography