Life of Toy Photographers

What is Life of Toy Photographers? It’s a book we created showcasing the amazing artists we featured on the blog in 2017. We created Life of Toy Photographers to celebrate our first anniversary as a blog. For a limited time only, we’re offering you an opportunity to purchase this book.

In the past year we’ve grown from a site with approximately 6,000 visitors a month to over 12,400 visitors in January. In 2017 we featured the work of over 52 toy photographers. These photographers participated through one of our 29 Six Image Narratives and 23 “Why?” posts. In addition to these fabulous guest artists our regular writers contributed weekly articles designed to inspire our fellow toy photographers. In total there were 290 articles written. This is an amazing accomplishment from an entirely volunteer effort. Continue reading Life of Toy Photographers

A Morning Well Spent

This past Saturday I had the absolute privilege to meet up with nine other local toy photographers and spend a very quick two hours running around Seward Park taking photographs of toys. This group was made up of people I admire, people who are my friends and people who I want to get to know better. It was a morning well spent. Continue reading A Morning Well Spent


I would be lying to you and to myself if I said I took photographs only for the joy of it. Sure, at some point that was true, but it’s also true that in the last year that has all changed. As doors and opportunities have presented themselves I have made choices that have taken me down a path that has led to a certain amount of success.

Some of those choices I have been happy with, others, not so much.

Continue reading Choices