Shelly recently expressed her gratitude. Now it’s my turn to say cheers.

Pardon my knucklehead-ness

I’ve proudly worn the knucklehead moniker since I started taking photos of toys.

I should point out here that I am a bit of a dingbat. Last year I thought I was turning a year older than I actually was. That’s’ not so unusual. However I thought I was turning a year older because I’d thought it was 2017 for about 4 months.

During our last Toy Photographers hangout, Shelly had to tell what date I was leaving for my holiday over the New Year break and when I’d be back. I’m lucky to have a work wife to keep me on track!

So, because of my scatterbrain, you’ll have to excuse me for not naming everyone just in case because I will forget someone. Continue reading Cheers!

Stuck in Plastic is two years old!

Stuck in Plastic is officially two years old!

Beginnings are always messy. – John Galsworthy

That’s the quote I used  two years ago as Boris and I were getting our feet wet and figuring out this new adventure we’d embarked on together. I think all beginnings are messy, working on this blog has been messy and certainly creating art is messy. In fact I think we can agree that life is messy. Continue reading Stuck in Plastic is two years old!