To do an image every day for a year

I’ve done several 365 projects and I find them fun and challenging. But the challenge for me is not to photograph every day. That isn’t difficult, just push the button! ūüėČ

The challenge is to photograph in all weather, all light and in different places. In addition, I try to create an image that I want to stand behind. Honestly, I’ll have to admit that far from all the images I publish during my 365-projects are ones that I want to stand behind. But as far as I can, each day, I try to make them as good as they can be. The images I don’t think work, I see as drafts or sketches. For me,¬†the real challenge when I’m in the midst of a 365-project, is to settle for a good-enough image. Continue reading To do an image every day for a year

a 52-project makes me want to explore more

I admit that light is one¬†motivator¬†for my toy photography. In my images is light an element that I try to work with. Part of my obession with light as a factor in my¬†work is that I prefer to work outside. If I can choose I only work in an environment where I know the possibility‚Äôs. My favorite time to photograph is early in the morning. To be honest, I could say that I only do toy-photography when the weather (light) is¬†inspiring (if I’m not doing a 52-project). Continue reading a 52-project makes me want to explore more

It’s 52 week in a year

I want¬†to share my thoughts about my upcoming photographic projects after reading¬†Shelly’s blog posts about¬†the five words that she is letting define her year 2017 . As always, I’m inspired to do a new project in the beginning of the New Year and this year maybe even more so. I still haven‚Äôt decided if I‚Äôll do a 365-project or not.

My first 365-project was completed in¬†2011 and it was all about toys, I called it CClones. I have done two other 365-projects but they have been all about self-portraits (Ser du mig? (a.k.a. Do you see me?)). Continue reading It’s 52 week in a year

to new beginnings

This time of the year it’s almost impossible not to think about the fact that the year is coming to an end with Christmas right around the¬†corner and the New Year quickly following. ¬†This time of the year inspires¬†me think about new possibilities, maybe even more this year because I have, like all of us in the collective, been selecting¬†my crop of twelve good photographs for 2015. My selection ended up with only¬†ten best pictures for 2015. Once I had finished my book I started to ¬†long for a new one, a new beginning, with new possibilities.¬†Maybe I should start a new project when the new year begins?

I have done yearly projects before, so I’m not in the mood for another 365- project (taking one picture a day for a year); that isn’t me right now. But I would like to make a well-defined project and I want that project to be a challenge!

My first thought is I should start where I am. I¬†have looked through my work and tried to define what I have been doing during 2015. My¬†goal has been to see if there is an embryo of a project in my previous work that I can evolve to a yearly-project for 2016. There¬†seems to be something their, but I can‚Äôt decide on which idea I should go for. Should I do more of the abstract toy-photography that I like so much but that no one else seems to understand that I create on¬†purpose? Or¬†should I go for the family project that I have been working with since November? Or should I think of something totally new? I can‚Äôt decide! ¬†Maybe I ought to create¬†a series of pictures with Shelly’s robot, that I love and adore? ¬†Maybe it could create a response to the work she’s already has done and most of us are familiar with?¬†As I have already stated, I can’t decide which direction should I go in.


I want to explore new grounds, learn new things because just as Reiterlied said in a comment ‚ÄĚ One of my biggest fear is to stop learning.‚ÄĚ Right now I don‚Äôt know which direction I¬†should choose and why. I’m caught in indecision;¬†I don’t know¬†which project I should pursue.


Are you thinking about any new photo projects for 2016? If so, what are those projects about?


To make a selection

The process of deciding which pictures I will show in the exhibition ‚ÄúIn LEGO We Connect: The Adventure Continues‚ÄĚ in Seattle, has been hard. I started my selection by looking back at all my toy photographs, but I soon realized I had to choose from those I have done during the last year. Continue reading To make a selection