Appreciation for Participation

When opportunity knocks, we see a chance to show our appreciation for participation.

So often I’m amazed at how posts link together on the blog. A post about threes is followed by a post about twos. A post about the importance of Challenges precedes a post about the ripple challenge on G+. Most of these connections occur purely by chance, or do they?

Last week Kristina wrote about product photography and how it’s not for her. Shelly wrote about the merits of having a website.

These two posts happened right around the time something else exciting was happening. And they both relate to this exciting news.
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So many contests, so little time!

Do you feel like I do and that there are currently so many contests and so little time! Normally I wouldn’t write a round-up blog post, but there seems to be a lot going on that even I can’t keep track of it all. I thought I would summarize all the opportunities so no one misses out. Continue reading So many contests, so little time!

The Power of Yes

I would be a fool to not admit that I am continually influenced by my friends here in the StuckinPlastic collective. I am learning to be more aware of lighting from Mike, I am learning that it is ok to break the rules from Kristina, through Boris’s influence I am carrying more photo equipment with me in the field and Vesa showed me the power of “yes”. Continue reading The Power of Yes