Ode to the Teddy Bear

The other day I posted a photo of Groot holding a teddy bear and good friend to the blog, @AliceinCleveland, asked if my photo was an “ode to Kristina?” While subconsciously my photo may have been inspired by Kristina’s work, I admit she’s had a lot of influence over my work in the past six months, I truly think that the teddy bear looms large for many Legographers. Continue reading Ode to the Teddy Bear

LEGO Collectible Series #15

I love the LEGO collectible series and I think this latest group, series #15, is a winner. I’ll confess, I haven’t felt that way about several of the more recent series. But #15 seems to capture the fun and whimsy of the earliest collectable series. Continue reading LEGO Collectible Series #15

I took the challenge

When Kristina proposed to make an exact copy of a photo from another photographer, I felt very excited about this challenge. I was also excited to see the results of Kristina’s own challenge which I think was a wonderful mix of the style of both of her and Vesa; her own inspiration. Continue reading I took the challenge

My attempt to make an exact copy became a homage!

I know that I disqualified myself at the beginning of this challenge. when I said I have tried this before and that I didn’t make it. But my past experience didn’t stop me thinking that this time would be a success. Yesterday I decided to give the challenge my best try. I started by telling my twelve-year-old son that I was going to make an exact copy of the picture “Guys? Hey, guys? This ain’t funny! Guys, where are you? HELLO?” by Vesa Lehtimäki. It’s a picture that I really like. My son looked at me and smiled, looked at Vesa Lehtimäki’s pictures and responded, “You will never make it. You will never do the same picture. I know you, you will do your own picture and it will look like yours.” I smiled back at him and said, “I’ll give it a try…” Continue reading My attempt to make an exact copy became a homage!

What is me and what is Shelly?

Is a photo only a result of time and place or is the photographer also a key-element in the making of a photograph? Being in Seattle for the show has made it possible for me to borrow Shelly’s amazing and beautiful robot.

I have to  admit I have a small crush on him. Continue reading What is me and what is Shelly?

I’m stuck in plastic-people

Reading Me2’s latest post about location as one of the key elements of his photography got me thinking about the name of this group ”Stuck in plastic” and the close connection our work has to the Lego brick. Lego has a special place among my toys and especially in my still life photography.

Continue reading I’m stuck in plastic-people

Shades of Grey

By now you have heard about the conflict between artist Ai Weiwei and the LEGO Group. To summarize Ai asked to purchase from LEGO a bulk order of LEGO bricks for an upcoming exhibition in Australia and the company refused on grounds that they knew the content was for political purposes. Ai then went to Instagram and accused LEGO of artistic censorship. Continue reading Shades of Grey

To make a selection

The process of deciding which pictures I will show in the exhibition “In LEGO We Connect: The Adventure Continues” in Seattle, has been hard. I started my selection by looking back at all my toy photographs, but I soon realized I had to choose from those I have done during the last year. Continue reading To make a selection

The Future is Now

The other day I wrote about motivation and how to find it (or keep it). One example I used was experimenting with a funky lens, the other was getting new subject matter, like new toys, to photograph.

This past weekend was our local LEGO convention BrickCon. This is the one weekend a year when 20,000+ people try their best to look at hundreds of LEGO models in 12 hours over two days. It is sheer madness! I escaped the chaos this year by working for my local toy store, Math ‘n Stuff, in exchange for store credit as well as a pass that allowed me to gain access to the merchants on Friday and avoid the public hours on the weekend. (Think about that for a minute… I worked for trade to gain access to the other merchants so I could buy LEGO. I told you it was madness!) Continue reading The Future is Now

For whom?

What part does the viewer play in the art of photography? What do you want the viewer to see?  When I wrote my blog post “Why” the other day, I got a question from Reggie about how to get a bigger audience for once toy-photographs. And that got me reflecting on “for whom am I doing this?”

And what part does the audience play in my photography? Continue reading For whom?