Sunrise vs. Sunset

The Stones vs. The Beatles. Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Family Guy vs. Simpsons. X-box vs. PlayStation. Sunrise vs. Sunset.

Personally, I like both The Stones and The Beatles, I’ve never seen Star Trek, both the Simpsons and Family Guy make me giggle and I’m not a gamer. But when it comes to sunrise vs. sunset, I definitely prefer sunrise when it comes to photographing toys! And here’s why…
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Putting toy photography back into Toy Photographers

I like to be inspired. I like to be challenged. So, inspired by posts by Father’s Figures and Jennifer,  and challenged by Shelly during our last video chat, I’m putting toy photography back into Toy Photographers.

It’s been a while since I’ve photographed anything but LEGO. I scrolled back through my Instagram feed, and the last photo I’d posted was 10 months ago. Far too long!
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When Life [L] imitates Art

Time wounds all heels

Sure, we’re all familiar with the anti-mimesis (WARNING: link may contain traces of Hannah Montana) philosophical position that “life imitates art far more than art imitates life”, but what about when “life [l]imitates art”?

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Getting a photograph is a process

How many times have we talked here about the choices we make during editing, about reviewing and re-editing older images, about planning months or years to get that one image that we can’t get out of our mind?  Many! Continue reading Getting a photograph is a process

Portrait vs Landscape

I talked earlier about the many small choices a photographer makes when composing an image and often the first decision you will make is will you shoot the scene in a landscape or portrait orientation.

Now that Instagram has decided it’s ok to post an image beyond a simple square, the issue of portrait vs landscape is a question we can take up, discuss and ultimately come to no conclusions on.

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Who to Pack?

When going on an extended trip it is always difficult for me to choose which LEGO friends to bring along. Favorites? Fresh inspiration? The stars of whatever current project is in the works? The possibilities are endless and the consequences seemingly dire. Who hasn’t been in the field wishing that they had packed a specific mini figure or accessory? Continue reading Who to Pack?