Connecting the Dots on Beauty and Photography

Have you ever read something and suddenly the dots are connected? This is what happened to me while I was listening to On Photography by Susan Sontag.

Let me back up a few steps. Recent posts by Jennifer Nicole Wells have inspired me to take another look at my own photography. Part of that process was finally reading On Photography by Susan Sontag. (Ok I didn’t really read it, I listened to the audio version). When I was attending university, Susan Sontag’s book was extremely influential, yet I never found time to read it. Even if I had read it, I doubt I would have understood half of what she said. Sometimes you can only learn when you’re ready. Continue reading Connecting the Dots on Beauty and Photography

Finding beauty in toy photography

This week as part of my G+ Mentorship I’ve been thinking about beauty, the concept of beauty, what is beautiful, looking for beauty in unexpected places and of course thinking about how this all somehow relates to the photography of LEGO mini figures. Continue reading Finding beauty in toy photography


I have been reading (ok more accurately skimming) The Photographer’s Playbook: 307 Assignments and Ideas. It’s a collection of photography assignments aimed to get you thinking about photography. Each assignment is created by a photographer or photography professional designed to help you explore the medium of photography. Continue reading Beautiful