“Lord Garmadon’s Day” – Six Image Narrative by @Miss__Feklista

Japan is so rich in myths about the mysterious creatures and, in my opinion, the most amazing of them is Lord Garmadon’s story.

Garmadon is a fantastic mix of dark power and fighting skills! He starts every morning with the traditional tea ceremony. If you imagine the table covered with innumerable cups and pots you know nothing about Lord Garmadon’s morning. This guy combines tea with physical exercises – a picture is worth a thousand words.

It doesn’t mean that Garmadon can’t be peaceful. After breakfast he comes where nobody can accompany him (except for his charming pajamas). Admiring the wild flowers, he sings and attracts many birds: they are sure that a strange dark tree is blossoming. A miracle of nature!

Garmadon has his favorite restaurant. The Sushi Chef doesn’t want to disappoint such an unpredictable visitor and always brings him the rarest endangered fish… 

Unfortunately, the Sushi Chef’s boss is an explosive Samurai and always threatens him with dismissal if he acts against Green Peace.

As you can imagine, the Samurai is Garmadon’s main opponent in the city. But their fighting is the most spectacular show for the locals. 

Do you know the story of Lord Garmadon’s wonderful pajamas? Every evening he comes to the place where he finds the absolute harmony…the kitchen. The smell of grilled shrimps and smoke, the sound of boiling pasta and exploding lava calms Garmadon’s nerves after a hard day and countless fights. It’s common knowledge that the locals must bring some sake for Garmadon’s supper so that he would slack the fire of his volcano.

Thanks a lot for your attention!

I’d like to thank Shelly and Toy Photographers Blog for the possibility to participate in this great creative section!

 Ann @Miss__Feklista

Appreciation for Participation

When opportunity knocks, we see a chance to show our appreciation for participation.

So often I’m amazed at how posts link together on the blog. A post about threes is followed by a post about twos. A post about the importance of Challenges precedes a post about the ripple challenge on G+. Most of these connections occur purely by chance, or do they?

Last week Kristina wrote about product photography and how it’s not for her. Shelly wrote about the merits of having a website.

These two posts happened right around the time something else exciting was happening. And they both relate to this exciting news.

Knock! Knock!

Recently, we were contacted by a Senior Content Strategist for a Digital Agency via the blog, with a desire to “include more toy photography within their content plan” for a client.

Opportunity knocks once, let’s reach out and grab it
Together we’ll nab it
We’ll hitchhike, bus or yellow cab it!

Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear – Movin’ Right Along

You’ll have to excuse my haziness here, but we had to sign non-disclosure agreement, so I’m being wary as to how much detail I reveal.


With this offer, we reached out to friends of the Toy Photographers blog, those who have posted on the blog and those who had won our recent photo competitions.

Appreciation for Participation
Appreciate, don’t anthropophagite!

Whilst Shelly made a completely relevant point that a website is a fantastic place for potential customers and marketing representatives to discover your work, I’d like to point out, so is Toy Photographers!

This is not the first time we’ve been contacted with offers for commercial engagements, and I’m sure it won’t be last.

Whilst we are always flattered when these offers arise, we fully understand that they are often made based on the merits of the blog, which is a collaboration with many of you.

Who’s there?

If we can pass on opportunities for our friends to get a foot in the commercial door, of course we will. Nothing gives us more pleasure than forwarding names as appreciation for participation. As well as growing the Toy Photographers community, we endeavour to expand the opportunities for those within it.

Punch drunk from the punch clock
Opportunity never gonna knock

Rancid – Name

As Kristina found out, product photography might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I get that.

Come in!

Getting recognised for what you do, receiving appreciation for the art you produce, and having the chance to be rewarded for your participation, are wonderful things. It’s not often that these offers arise, but, by being an active participant, your chances to expand your horizons are greatly increased.

This is not a empty attempt to drive traffic our way. We genuinely want to pass on these opportunities to our community. We want to reward those who participate.

Sure, winning some Minifigures in a giveaway is cool. But maybe that’s not the only prize on offer? And yes, writing for the blog is fun. But maybe that’s just beginning of the fun?

– Brett

We ask a lot of folks why. If we’re ever asked why we do that, maybe this is the answer. Participation has the potential to pay off. Maybe this little tale of possible opportunities is the catalyst for you to join in?

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