Looking back, going forwards

When I decided that this year would be a fallow year for my photography, in terms of not picking up any major projects or forcing anything to happen, I knew I would probably need to spend some time looking back on where I have been over the last five years (holy moley, FIVE years?) in order to move my photography forward. When I hit my 1000th post on Instagram this week, I knew it was time to start this process.

Whilst I spent a little time navel gazing in January about the year just gone, and whilst I shared My First Toy Photo with you back in 2016, I thought it was time to take a little walk down memory lane at the last five years and see just where I have come from.

To do this, I will look back at my Flickr account to this same week in February and see what photos I took, challenging myself to think about how each year my photography changed.

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Gatecrashing the ‘what is art’ party

Thanks to Shelly, James and maths, I made a resolution to gate crash the perceived ‘what is art’ party. Yep, a resolution that I didn’t know I wanted to make. On Sunday the 11th of February I ticked off that resolution by displaying LEGO photography at the Little Creatures Brewery Art Carnival.

Does that mean now that accomplished the pledge I made to myself for this year I can spend the rest of it with my feet up drinking beer? Probably not.

The notion of exhibiting toy photography, in particular LEGO photography, doesn’t sound like much of a declaration for a goal to achieve. But slipping photographs of LEGO into an art carnival filled with paintings, sculptures and photography of more “traditional” subject matter was. Continue reading Gatecrashing the ‘what is art’ party

In a blind bag bind

Sometimes, you have a bad day and just need to buy a bunch of toys to cheer yourself up. Of course, shops these days are FULL of blind bag/box type toys for ‘kids’ to spend their pocket money on (or Tesco coupons in this case). So, in the interests of finding new things to photograph, I grabbed a whole bunch of different toys.

The sheer number of available blind bag toys at my local supermarket can be seen in the following slideshow of awkwardly taken photos.

  • All the Pop figures and blind boxes.


Take a look below at my mini-reviews to see just what I ended up buying, and whether I would buy them again. Maybe it will help you decide whether these mini toys are worth getting your camera (and wallet) out for!

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Inspired by Literature

Have you noticed how many challenges are happening in the community right now? Just for fun we have daily hash tags to inspire you. There is also a Batman challenge to win a complete set of the latest CMF mini-figures in partnership with our friends at the LEGO Group. There is also a G+ Monthly contest on literature. February may be a short month, but there is no shortage of challenges to inspire you!

My favorite of all these different major and minor challenges is the literature challenge currently taking place in the our G+ Community. When Julie Blair first proposed this idea I will admit I was skeptical. I’ve been a mod before and I know how hard it is to inspire photographers to participate in challenges. Especially one that makes you think. But if the first week is any indication this is going to be a fabulous challenge! It seems I’m not the only toy photographer who’s work is often inspired by literature. Continue reading Inspired by Literature

The Best Camera

You’ve probably heard the quote:

The Best Camera Is the One That’s with You

This quote became ubiquitous when Chase Jarvis used it as the title of his 2009 book on iphone photography. His goal was to legitimize mobile phone photography. The idea being that it’s better to take a picture with your phone than to miss out on capturing an image because you left your bulky DSLR at home. 

I like the idea of capturing images using my phone. In the past, I’ve even challenged myself to only capture toy photos using my phone. But honestly, I prefer my bulky DSLR with its dedicated macro lens.  This is my comfort zone, this is what I’m used to.

So image my surprise when last week I ended up on a beach with a backpack full of toys, accompanied by friends, no rain in sight and no CF card in my camera. Continue reading The Best Camera

Batman Movie Series 2 Giveaway

Sometimes the Bat-mail takes its Bat-time! Our box of Batman Movie Collectable Minifigures Series 2 just Bat-arrived. While we get our Bat-review finished, you can start entering our giveaway now. Yes, Bat-now!

We’ve got a complete set of 20 Batman Movie Collectable Minifigures Series 2 to giveaway, thanks to our friends at LEGO.
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The Great Indoors II

As I’ve discussed before, I primarily shoot indoors, and am always looking for ways to bring some of Mother Nature into my studio. Last year, I wrote a piece called “The Great Indoors,” highlighting some miniature fake grass I’d gotten for my photographs. Consider this post Part 2!

While I regularly use the grass for many of my photos, I actually have another staple that I turn to even more often: Sand!

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Brickvention Charity Silent Auction

Last weekend Toy Photographers and #brickstameet held the Brickvention Charity Silent Auction of LEGO photography, raising money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. With 27 amazing photographs, by 17 artists, from 11 different countries, I knew it would be a success. But there’s know way I could’ve predicted some of the wonderful moments that happened.

Here are some of my personal highlights from the weekend.
*As the Brickvention Charity Silent Auction is about the art and the charity I’ve avoided naming specific artists in my highlights. All of you helped to make this event a success and a memorable weekend for me.
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Art and Politics

Brett Wilson asked a while ago if conscience should go into toy photography. I think it should, and it should also go into art (and obviously into toy photography that aspires to be art).

Why don’t I like political art?

However, there is one kind of art that usually does not do the job for me. It’s what they call political art. Most political art is very efficient in getting its message across. A Parthenon made of forbidden books: Once you know all these books were sometimes forbidden somewhere, it seems to be hard to misunderstand this work. The artist may mean well, but I am not satisfied.

I do not care for the good intentions of the artist. I care for the kind of art that stays with you because you can never really figure it out although you would really like to. Continue reading Art and Politics

The Toys That Made Us

Have you seen the latest docuseries from Netflix: The Toys That Made Us? If not, you really need to put down what you’re doing and immediately binge watch all fours episodes of season one. 

Rarely have I seen a TV series so perfectly aimed at toy photographers and toy collectors. Ok, I will admit I don’t watch a lot of tv so maybe I’m not the best judge. But I can assure you, you will enjoy at least one of the first four episodes.  Continue reading The Toys That Made Us