5 thoughts on “The Snow Pumpkin – a story told in six images”

  1. Thanks for sharing these images in one place – they look really awesome together. What I like most about this ‘story’ is that at the end, in the ‘morning light’ you don’t know what he’s thinking. Was it a nightmare come to life? Was it a crazy dream? Or is he checking to see if they are still there? Also I love the teddy bear in the final image, nice touch. Thanks again Vesa for sharing these images with our community! xo

  2. Thank you for having me.

    I always felt this was a loose selection of images from the same basic idea. Variations of a theme. But now that I look at it again, with the originally discarded sixth image, there seems to be a coherent story after all.

    TK-24/7, the adventurer of planets and dreamworlds. 🙂

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