The Elements of Change

The concept of the story began when I wondered if a Tusken Raider had ever seen something like the ocean.

It was inspired from an experience one of my friends had, moving up from California and seeing snowfall for the first time.  Which was amazing to hear the excitement.

I’ve also had this hairy Bantha toy staring at me, since I took him to the San Francisco Toy Meet-up in May.  And, when I saw the latest version of the Lego Tusken Raiders, I knew I had to do something.

Introducing, T’ooph the Tusken Raider.  And, Soap, his trusty Bantha

~Lawrence Ruelos

4 thoughts on “The Elements of Change”

    1. Thank you, Jennifer!! More in the works! It’s a fun challenge and I can easily see it becoming as addicting as getting Lego. 😀

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