Toy Photography Starter Set

Recently The LEGO Group offered a free toy photography starter set with a minimum purchase. Why am I calling it a toy photography starter set? Because this cute little set has everything the budding toy photographer needs to take fun photos while on vacation!

This set resembles an older set (LEGO #7567, The Traveler) and might be confused for a simple update. It wouldn’t be the first time The LEGO Group has updated an older set. But, if you’re a toy photographer, you will see this set for what it really is: a toy photography starter kit! If there was any doubt that the LEGO Group wants to support and encourage our crazy little hobby, this should erase all doubts.

What Makes this a Starter Kit?

What makes this a LEGOraphy starter kit and not a redo of an older set are all the accessories; accessories only a toy photographer would need. This isn’t a cute little mini figure with his bags heading to the airport; this guy is ready for some serious toy photography adventures. This 41 piece set, in the shape of a suitcase, comes with everything you need to take fabulous toy photos. It doesn’t matter if you’re on vacation, or a staycation, you will find plenty to inspire you.

Not only will you receive the usual summer accessories like a suitcase, scuba gear, surfboard, ice cream cone, lounge chair, umbrella, red mug and camera. You will also receive a selfie stick, a tripod and a clear rod for more advanced photos. This clear rod will make those advanced flying shots a breeze!

If there was any doubt this is LEGO’s way of promoting LEGOraphy, the included photo album will surely convince you. This fun little book is filled with 27 photos designed to inspire your own photographic adventures.

Whats for dinner?

One of my favorite details of this set is the use of the classic LEGO face. There is something very sweet and simple about this face that makes it perfect for any situation. Even one that is death defying!

Oh no!!!!!

My only criticism of this set is the hat. I would much rather they have included two different hair styles instead. By including a ‘male’ and ‘female’ hair, the photographer can customize the figure to best represent their own personality.

Now What?

If you happen to be shopping on or your local LEGO store, you may have received one of these free sets with your purchase. If you have an extra set, why not gift it to a friend or child who’s interested in toy photography? Lets take this promotion from LEGO and spread the toy photography love! Who isn’t going to fall in love with this set and want to take this little guy (or gal) out on a summers worth of adventure; both at home and on the road.

Thank you LEGO for helping us to spread the LEGO photography love! Its great to have your support for this fun and exciting hobby!


Did you receive a toy photography starter kit? What did you think? 

(A hat tip to community member LizzyBelle9 for pointing this out to me. Even though I have two sets, I hadn’t made the connection!)

I used the plastic ‘wand’ to help me create this snorkeling photo in my pond.

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  1. Excellent write up, Shelly! I recently received this little set myself and thought the same thing. I guess toy photography really IS going mainstream!!

    I also really enjoy the photos you took for this. They capture the adventurous feel of the set well while highlighting some of the things you can do with such a simple little figure. I’m excited to take mine out this weekend!

    • James, it really is a fun little set. I hope you have fun with it this weekend. I didn’t get a chance to play with the selfie stick, but Im glad I have one! The clear plastic piece made two of these photos possible, so that was a major bonus too.

      When I was looking around to see how other LEGO oriented blogs had reviewed the set, there seemed to be some confusion. One actually said the photo book was a passport to get stamped at LEGO stores. Obviously the builders aren’t as clued into the photo community as LEGO is.

      This is more proof of you’re early article on toy photography going main stream! Its pretty cool that we’re a part of this movement. Go us!!

  2. I got the same impression, as well, and thought “Lego has caught on!” After that, while the figure got his butt dropped into the dentist chair, all the accessories went right into my camera bag because, while I always have a minifig [or 12] in there, I rarely think to gather up location-related accessories.

    • Ryan they sure have! I think there is some lead time for these give aways so I think we can safely say that LEGO caught on a while ago, but we are now seeing the results of that. I hope we see more sets that are aimed at our community. If this one is any indication, this will be a lot of fun! Have fun with those accessories!!

  3. Ann

    Unfortunately Lego don’t have that offer anymore and I can’t find any of the sets for sale anywhere. I’ve tried looking for Photography Starter Set with no luck. Maybe they are under a different name? If anyone has any ideas or knows where I can get one I would appreciate the heads up.

    • Ann try searching for lego set 5004932 and see if that helps. The box is 135cm x 90cm x 30cm. Not big, but it would get crushed in an envelope. Let me know if I can be of any more help. I feel bad writing about a set that isn’t available in the Australia. Damn you LEGO!!! *shakes fist* 😀

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