The Series 17 Minifigures arrive!

Monday morning. Eurgghhh! Sitting in front of my computer wading through a mountain of missed emails after a long weekend away.


“Oh great, another email!”

Hang on! This one’s from the mail room. There’s a package for me to collect from the parcel collection lockers? I don’t remember ordering any toys recently? Has drunk Brett been buying sober Brett surprises again?

No, it’s a package from LEGO!! It’s a package containing the upcoming Series 17 Collectable Minifigures!

My regular blog post will be a little later than usual this week; rather than rushing to photograph and review this series, I’ll delay my next post to give them the attention they deserve.

Series 17: Retro Spacemen and Rocket Boys
Space Parade

So stay tuned for a full review later this week. And stay tuned for a giveaway announcement too!

Series 17: Circus Strong Men
Strength In Numbers

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some Minifigures to photograph and review.



  1. YES! My favorite time of year is when new minifigure series are released. I enjoy the “hunt” and going store to store until I find those pesky little bags. I can’t wait to see what photos you create with them!

    I wasn’t sure about Rocket Boy’s design in the initial promo pics they released, but seeing him in action here really changes my mind! I will definitely need to pick up a few of them myself.

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