Series 16 Mini Figure Give Away!

Have you seen the latest collectable mini figure series? You know, the one that features the Penguin Suit Guy, Banana Suit Guy, Serenader, Spy, Imp, Ice Queen etc… Would you like a complete set of all 16 mini figures?

If your answer is ‘Yes!”,  then head over to our Instagram account, copy the image that is there and share it on your own feed. You can share the image once a day for the length of the give-away. Each post is considered an entry into our random drawing that will be held on August 19th.

Shameless self promotion you say?
All entries must be tagged #stuckinplastic_S16giveaway
Why yes, it is!

With our Instagram account recently reactivated, we find ourselves competing against the new algorithm to gain followers, so we thought that we could boost our audience with a give-away to thank you for spreading the word. Plus with a full case of Series 16 on their way from Billund to be reviewed, I thought it might be nice to share the wealth.

Win / Win!

This give away is eligible to anyone following our Instagram account and has entered the give away at least once. I will ship the winner the full series, anywhere in the world, via Federal Express.

Please tag your friends and help us spread the word.

We love Stuck in Plastic, we all love sharing with you our knowledge and passion for toys and photography. We have lots of great ideas: more awesome guest posts, more behind the scenes, more features, more news and reviews … you’re not going to want to miss a single post!

Best of luck and thank you for helping us to spread the word!

~ Shelly

This first give away will be limited to the Instagram platform. If it goes well, we will look into doing something similar on other social media platforms like Facebook, Flickr and Google+. 

PS – Dont forget to tag your entires #Stuckinplastic_S16Giveaway!


  1. “…we find ourselves competing against the new algorithm to gain followers…”

    This seems like a really odd statement, and reasoning for a contest, coming from a community that so often holds high the idea that we shouldn’t be doing what we do for followers.

    • Yup, you’re right. But what we do for ourselves and what we do because we are a recognized LUG group are two different beasts. I would NEVER run a give-away to gain followers for my PERSONAL account; I think my work stands on its own merits (or not). But this is blog business not personal business. LEGO has kindly offered us their support, yet like all free gifts this doesn’t come without strings. I would like to be able to justify that support by having as many eyeballs on our work, the posts from the community, reviews, photo tips etc. The new social media landscape is not very conducive to organic growth right now, in fact all indication is that social media is dieing a slow death across all platforms, but I digress. I made the call to do a give away to give our fledgling Instagram account a fighting chance to gain a few followers. Of course part of me cringes at this idea, but right now it takes a sledge hammer to get noticed, so I thought I would use every tool at my disposal. I know we run the risk of pissing off our followers too, and we took that risk when we became a LUG group too. Feel free to unfollow. 🙂

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