You’re invited to Seattle!

You’re invited to Seattle to attend the next epic toy photography meet-up from May 20-23! My good friend Jon (Dinoczars) and I will be hosting our second US Stuck in Plastic meet-up because like my favorite philosopher said:

“Is life not a thousand times too short for us to bore ourselves?”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

When I posted last fall asking for input to help choose between Chicago and Seattle for our next meet-up, it seemed that Chicago would be the winner. But when I factored in those who had changed their mind or those who were flexible , there was no clear winner, so I have decided to go with what I know. I would be pleased if you would join me and my co-host Jon, in Seattle from May 20-23, for a weekend filled with toy photography and related silliness. 

The weekend is already shaping up to be awesome; all the active members of Stuck in Plastic are currently planning on attending. Thank you Boris, Kristina, Mike and Matt for the effort! We have a few tentative ‘yeses’ from attendees of last years Las Vegas meet-up; krash_override, Lizzybelle9, Papajov, Dean80s and Coney-dogg for starters! These combined with our local talent (Wiiman, Bear_trap, Matt_burn, carteraug21, to name only a few!), I know that we’re going to have an amazing time. I can guarantee that you don’t want to be left watching this from your couch on Periscope.

When you participate in a hobby that takes place almost entirely on-line, the chance to interact in person is rare. Simply read the heart felt testimonials from Dinoczars about the Las Vegas  meet-up and Suppaduppa666 about his experience at the Stockholm gathering to get a sense of how special these events are.

Seattle offers a variety of tried and true photography locations from urban settings, to glorious mountain streams, a variety of lakes as well as the Puget Sound with both sandy and rocky beaches. I can also show you tangled swamps and forests filled with moss! All are perfect for macro toy photography. Besides all this toy photography goodness we’re planning a few social and educational events that may include a baseball game on Monday the 23th (optional), frisbee golf (also optional), a casting workshop, a lighting seminar, a print exchange, toy raffle and a trip to a local improve theatre (that’s for you Balakov!).

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please let me know in the comments, contact me via Instagram, or drop me an e-mail. This way I can keep you in the loop as our plans develop.

I do hope you will consider joining Jon and I, and more than a few like minded photographers, for this epic weekend of fun and silliness. We can even guarantee an interesting photo or two.

~ xxSJC

If you will be flying in, you won’t need to rent a car unless you want to; I have a plan to help everyone get around. Also if you would like to share a house with some of your toy photography brethren, let me know and I can help facilitate group housing in my neighborhood. This is a great way to keep costs down as well as create opportunities for more casual interactions.  


  1. whilgure

    It will be impossibile for me to come, haha.
    I’m from Italy and I’m still doing my last year of school and near May I’ll have the exams; so I hope in the future you will make other events to have the possibility to come!
    Meanwhile, I wish you a lot of fun! 🙂

  2. Leila (Brickandmordor)

    Yay! I made it into the collage! Looking forward to this! Hopefully school schedule will permit. OR even better, maybe I can incorporate the Toy Safari event into one of my multimedia final projects, eh?!

  3. I’m so glad to hear you guys settled on Seattle instead of Chicago! I live in Vancouver (Washington, not Canada), so I’m only a few hours away. I’ll definitely be there, and am excited to hear that much of the SiP family will be in attendance!

  4. This toy safari was one of the things I was the most looking forward. Yet it’s been a month I’ve known I could not attend it because of work obligations and tried to get used to it. I was pretty sure it would be Chicago but now knowing it is going to happen in Seattle makes me feel really bad at the idea of not attending it… So I’m going to reconsider and see if I can find a way to conceal it with those work obligations. However I won’t probably be able to give a positive answer soon so I wonder what is the deadline for registration?

    • There is no deadline as far as I know. If you’re able to get time off work and make it, let me know as soon as you can. My biggest concern is making sure you have suitable accommodations. I am trying to make sure everyone is in the same area of town. But if you can make it, we will fit you in somewhere! 🙂

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